Bartonella Herx

I don’t know if it is reality that struck me so much as Rifampin. This drug just makes my little heart so saaaaaad. Which, is such a strange place for me to dwell because I DON’T LIVE HERE. I don’t even vacation in this emotion. But here it is just sitting on my chest every day, pushing perfectly sweet air out of my lungs and leaving me gasping for what I just expelled. 

“Reality is no different”, I keep telling myself. Everything is just as great and just as hard as it was 2 weeks ago. The only thing that’s shifted is my brain chemicals. And they’ll shift back when this drug is through. And I will be ok. I AM ok. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.


One thought on “Bartonella Herx

  1. Herxing is so hard, healing is hard. But it is healing nevertheless. Here your wisdom overcomes the tendency of the subconscious which tries to pull us back to the more familiar state of illness while the exciting and unknown state of wellness patiently waits in the wings.


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