Insights from Camp Kinglhardt

When I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease and facing the prospect of treatment, I basically saw two paths to choose from: Horowitz or Klinghardt.

Each protocol represents the thinking behind one of the leading Lyme doctors in late stage treatment. Now, of course there are many more options than just these; I’ve come to learn about things like mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers, ozone, bee venom therapy, cannabis oil and others. But I would still argue that the Horowitz protocol and the Klinghardt protocols represent the two most common treatment options for Lyme.

Horowitz protocol, as I saw it, was the blunt heavy hitter. Using long term, high dose antibiotics in delicate combination with each other, this protocol goes hard after the infectious load. Lower the degree of infection, and the patient improves. Ultimately, the goal is to get the infectious load down low enough that the patient’s own immune system can keep the infections in check.

Klinghardt protocol, as I saw it, was analyzing a long list of body systems and heath attributes and one by one addressing each item on the list to bring the body into homeostasis so that it was more equipped to fight the infections on its own. A Klinghard doc may also use herbs and other natural medicines to fight the infections.

In the early stages of my fight with Lyme, I wanted to believe in a cure. I wanted to believe that all I had to do was clear up these couple of infections, and I’d be all better. Forever. And honestly, when I read about things people were doing on the Klinghardt protocol – removing dental fillings, moving out of their homes, eating intensely restricted diets, drinking water of only a certain PH, etc., I was overwhelmed at the prospect of all that change. No, I just wanted to keep as much of my life the same as I could, and just treat some infections.

Well, 15 months into treatment, I am a bit wiser, a bit more open minded, a bit more patient and a bit more willing to change. While I’ve made a TON of progress with my Horowitz treatment, my mind has shifted somewhat in recent months. A few of the revelations I’ve had are around:

All of those mind openers, combined with the healing plateau I’ve hit on my current protocol and slight backslide I’ve had in recent months, has me opening my mind to the Klinghardt protocol somewhat. And since a close friend kept raving about her Klinghardt trained doctor, I thought I’d give a pop in for a second opinion on these challenges I’m having lately.

The appointment was very different than those with my current Lyme doc. We spent most of our time in the two-hour appointment muscle testing me to determine which afflictions are currently present in my body, and what reactions I’m having to my current meds.

The good news:

  • All of my organs seem to be doing very well, including liver and kidney
  • My gut also is very healthy (a relief after 15 months on antibiotics)
  • Lyme and Bartonella did not register (I am on treatment, which may be why)
  • My body seems to be enjoying ALL of my current medicines, none are blocking my healing
  • The doc said my tattoos are unlikely causing any trouble and didn’t seem concerned about potential metal toxicity

The bad news:

  • The fact that I have a root canal tooth on my right side and all my symptoms are primarily right sided may not be a coincidence – that tooth is on notice.
  • My lungs tested poorly due to a cold I’m fighting (neat that even that registered)
  • I tested positive for a coinfection I had never heard of, and can’t remember the name of
  • I tested positive for some mold exposure

This doctor, Dr. Z., ordered  some follow up blood tests that included the shoemaker mold tests, CD57 scoring, copper/zinc ratios and indicators of MARCONS infection (an antibiotic resistant staph infection that commonly lives in nasal passages). Since I was low on B12 in the bloodwork I brought her, she is also testing B12 and ferritin to see if I’m anemic. At my follow up, we should have a clearer picture of everything that’s going on.

But overall she was very impressed with my ability to handle the antibiotic protocol, she said it’s obviously working very well for me and she suggests I keep it up.

She did some Perineural Injection Therapy in my back for pain relief (which worked RIGHT away) and she promised to do B12 shots next time I see her.

For now, I’ll sort of work both protocols. My Horowitz protocol will continue to chip away at my infectious load, and my Klinghardt doc may be able to address some of these other factors that may be holding me back. I’ll of course keep you all posted on any juicy developments here on the blog.

Happy healing everyone!



2 thoughts on “Insights from Camp Kinglhardt

    • I did!! She did my upper back and I immediately had relief. She’s gonna do my whole back next time. I’m doing a series of 4-6 weeks worth. Have you done this??


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