Monday Night Med Sorting

Every Monday night I sort my pills. At this point in treatment, I take 184 a day (185 on Sundays). They’re all carefully scheduled out – some with food, some on an empty stomach, some far away from each other. It’s all timers and baggies in my world. 

A month of these costs about $2200 out of pocket. That’s why I don’t own a car, and it’s a big part of why I sold my house last year. My insurance pays for the Rx meds, but that’s only about 6 or 7 of these. The rest are things I need to take in order to withstand the harsh treatment (probiotics, anti yeast meds, things like that). 

Now, I don’t have a complaint in sight. My ability to cover this, to be healthy enough to work a demanding, high-paying job while sick, is a major privilege. And best of all, my treatment is WORKING and I’m getting well. But if you ask me, the whole system – the one that doesn’t recognize late stage or chronic Lyme, the one that forces Lyme literate doctors under ground, the one that doesn’t catch cases of Lyme earlier when it could be cured, the one where only certain types of medicine (the ones that make people rich) are covered… is broken. And THAT bums me out. 

But mostly just… this is my life with Lyme. 


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Med Sorting

  1. Wow! Karla I’m impressed. I can barely keep track of my 35ish things. I tried more but became overwhelmed. If you getting better than you’re in the right track. Great job! Thanks for sharing!


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