For the Lymie Who Feels Like a Burden

I found this post by Lindsay B. really moving.

When I really stop to consider it, I’m surprised at how many times a day I feel like a burden.

  • Every time I order a water from a busy bartender.
  • Every time I bust out a baggie of pills at a group dinner and worry someone else will judge my friends and me for it.
  • Every time I open my stupid sun-brella on a busy sidewalk.
  • Every time I say “I can’t make it,” or “I just don’t have the energy”.
  • Every time I duck out of work for a blood draw, for an appointment, or to pick up a prescription.
  • Every time I have to ask my friends to sit in the shade.
  • Every time I ask a server “does that have dairy/eggs/gluten in it?”
  • Every time I am the slow one walking up the hill.
  • Every time I say, “I’m not quite well enough for that, yet.”
  • Every time I think I might let someone love me… let them attach to this sometimes difficult life… let them watch me sometimes struggle… let them hurt too.

The list goes on. I feel this multiple times a day, every day… I do. And health wise, I am in the “olympic athlete” category of Lyme recovery. I’m well. I’m independent. I’m financially secure. These are not words usually used to describe someone treating Lyme. I’m PRIVLEDGED.

And if I am struggling with this, as functional as I am, you can imagine how other Lymies must fare. My brothers and sisters in this battle are fighting these thoughts on SOOO many more occasions than I am. When they can’t work. When they have to do fundraisers. When they have to ask for rides places. When they spend 95% of the time at home….. when they NEED help.

Chronic illness is SO tough. It’s no wonder isolation and depression are common for all of us. Lymies, read Lindsay’s blog and remember YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN. Healthy people, read Lindsay’s blog and find words to remind us actively… that you love us just as we are.

Edit: I want to add that NOBODY IN YOUR LIFE should be reinforcing these thoughts. We should challenge these thoughts and our loved ones should help us challenge these thoughts. Nobody should be agreeing with them. If someone in your life is characterizing you, or your illness as a burden… please find the strength to show them the door. Trust me on this one, you’ll be 1000x better off for it in every way, including your capacity for healing.


One thought on “For the Lymie Who Feels Like a Burden

  1. Thank you for this excellent reminder. Even after 16 years of struggling with Lyme I still struggle with feeling as though I’m a burden. I appreciate your down-to-earth thoughts on the subject! Keep sharing your journey with us!


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