You might be herxing if…

You’re sobbing uncontrollably on your kitchen floor for really no good reason at all 6 days after staring rifampin. 


MEDS WORK! Fuck bartonella. For real. 


4 thoughts on “You might be herxing if…

  1. My new LLMD appt is on Tuesday. Bartonella is my worst co-infection, in fact it’s actually worse than the Lyme right now. My emotions and anger are down right scary to me and everyone else! So…. this is good to know!


    • Ugh, I’m sorry you’re feeling it!! Bart is the worst. Have you treated it before?? I’m happy to tell you I’ve been months now without any emotional liability or exaggeration. Bactrim DS is a really good one for me. I am wishing you so much luck!!

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      • Yes! First time treating. Tested positive in 2004 but never had any symptoms until stress brought it out this year with a vengeance. It’s completely eclipsed the Lyme and is the absolute worst with the emotional. So glad to hear it’s been months for you!


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