Did LymeStop Work? A Summary of My Thoughts

As you guys know, I completed my LymeStop treatment in December (first treatment in October). It’s such a fascinating treatment – no drugs, claims to be curative, relatively inexpensive – and so folks often ask me whether it worked, hoping for a clear, rave review.

The best I can say is… I don’t know.

But I can do better than that. I am going to share all the evidence as I see it before me, and maybe that will help you make your decision about LymeStop. Here we go.

Things that made me believe:

  • I have improved since those treatments, with my biggest improvements in Oct / Nov timeframe.
  • I do believe I herxed slightly after my final treatments in October: I was very very very tired coming home from Idaho and felt pretty icky / woozy for about 2-3 days after.
  • I also may have herxed after my follow up treatment in December: I had poor vision and lots of fatigue on the way home. (I also flew to Spokane, rented a car, drove to Idaho, had my appointment, drove back to Spokane and flew home within 8 hours, so this may have just been normal human exhaustion.)
  • During my initial muscle testing, I tested positive for lead poisoning. This seemed to surprise Dr. Smith in a genuine way. And it’s entirely possible this is true, as the water in my home growing up routinely ran orange.
  • He did diagnose me with 2 things I’ve already been diagnosed with: Lyme and Bartonella.
  • He also diagnosed me with a fungal infection in my nose, which I thought might explain my ongoing non-allergic congestion.
  • Dr. Smith is VERY confident, and his bedside manner made me feel confident in his treatment as well.

Things that made me skeptical:

  • During my initial muscle testing, I was diagnosed with two things I’ve never exhibited any symptoms of: babesia and SIBO.
  • During my initial muscle testing, my body not only “asked for” certain supplements, but asked for specific doses. I am skeptical because these supplements were multi-ingredient and I can’t imagine my body knew which ingredient it was “asking for”, nor or how many MG of each ingredient were in each dose.
  • Some of the supplements (notably the GABA one) contained potentially lethal amounts of certain ingredients (manganese in GABA supplement).
  • During my first appointment, Dr. Smith muscle tested my now ex-boyfriend for Lyme and said he was negative, although he exhibits many symptoms. He has refused to get any type of blood test, so we have nothing to validate Dr. Smith’s finding.
  • I was unable to tolerate most of the supplements my body supposedly “asked for”, and did not take any.
  • The improvement that I made was made without the use of the supplements, which makes me wonder how accurate the testing on my body was for those.
  • In December Dr. Smith said I was cured of Lyme. I do not feel cured.
  • I have gotten worse since those treatments, feeling lots of increased symptoms in December and January. I continue to herx when I add new medications, suggesting an ongoing infection.

Here is the really really big caveat: I did not do LymeStop treatment alone; I remained on antibiotics while I did it. In fact, I was on a wonderful combo of meds beginning in September that may have accounted for my healing in Oct/Nov. It’s impossible to know how that impacted my response to his treatments, or the accuracy of his muscle testing.

What would I recommend? I’d say give LymeStop a chance if you have the extra money. It’s “worth a punt” as they say. I might also suggest LymeStop for someone who literally cannot afford or tolerate any other treatment. A try at this is better than nothing, I think. But I wouldn’t use LymeStop as my only bet to get well. I personally at this stage believe true bug killing medicine (herbal or pharmaceutical) is the primary way out of this for most.

Hope that helps you in your decision making! Happy healing.


2 thoughts on “Did LymeStop Work? A Summary of My Thoughts

  1. I read stuff like this and it makes me question everything from intentions of doctors to validity of their claims. I don’t trust “lyme literate doctors”. I keep reading all of these horror stories from people who went to them and were put on all kinds of supplements and increased dosages of antibiotics and got sicker. Well duh, this stuff is going to make you sick..

    I agree with you on the things that make you suspect.. It’s seriously disheartening. I mean really, how hard can it be or does it have to be to legitimately treat us?


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