New on my blog: Clean eats suggestions!

We all know a major part of living well with Lyme is eating a “clean” diet. Exact rules vary a bit from person to person, but the generally include things like:

  • No dairy
  • No gluten
  • No sugar
  • Avoiding foods you’re sensitive to (for me this means eggs, sadly)
  • Low glycemic
  • Low carb
  • Organic
  • Skewing alkaline rather than acidic

Now, clean eats are nothing new to me. I joke all the time that crossfitters are the best people to get Lyme disease. Rigor, paleo and meal prep are not new concepts to us! And in my pre-Lyme days, when I could still work out, I was all about that crossfit life.

Now, I’m not a good cook in any form of thinking. I’m not very creative. I don’t try a lot of new stuff. And I’m honestly not that finicky about taste. But what I AM good at is making big batches of healthy, healing food with as little effort as possible.

For me, that means ordering groceries (yes, for delivery… I love the future) once a week. Each Sunday morning, preferably while listening to The End Unplugged, I prep 5 breakfasts and lunches that I’ll take with me to work. And I have a menu for easy dinners, and usually cook about 2 evenings out of a week and eat leftovers the rest. This means I eat multiple servings of a single email often… 3 of one thing for lunch, for example, and two of another. And 3 of a different thing for dinner, and 2 of yet another. It’s really a “food is fuel, and less “food is fun” sort of attitude over here. That said, I tend to leave 2 days sort of unplanned…. I find that left overs, or occasional meals out, days of just snacking or TRULY lazy endeavors (like canned soup) offer nice flexibility.

You in?? Alright. I’ll get to posting some recipes.


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