Trying an alternative treatment: LymeStop re-check update

As you guys know, I tried an alternative Lyme treatment called LymeStop in mid-October. That treatment includes 6 magnet therapy treatments in 3 days, and a re-check 3 months later. Well, I just went in for my re-check on Dec. 23rd, 2015.

[DISCLAIMER: Dr. Tony’s treatment also usually includes many supplements, which I did not take as a) the ingredients in some of them freaked me out and b) I am currently also following the Horowitz protocol and did not want to cross contact the different drugs in my system.]

Let me tell you, it was quite an undertaking to visit Northern Idaho in late December. I wanted to get it all done in one day, so I flew from Seattle to Spokane, rented a car at the airport, drove an hour to Coeur d’alene Idaho, had my super-speedy appointment, drove back to the airport and flew home same day. Of course that sounded like a brilliant idea when I booked it in October… but when I woke up on the frozen pre-holiday morning at 4am to begin the journey I realized what a fool I’d been. Heh. And, as a fun complication, there was 2 ½ feet of snow in Spokane. HA! BUT I made it safe and sound, and by the grace of miracles alone managed to make all my necessary checkpoints on time. I was even able to upgrade from my shitty 2-wheel drive, super lightweight economy rental car to the LAST 4 wheel drive model Alamo had available upon landing. The trip was truly blessed.

So, how was the appointment? Good! According to Dr. Tony, I am free of all Lyme bacteria. He found a bit of Bartonella in my bladder and some remaining aspergillus in my ears. He treated those and said I didn’t need any further rechecks. I should expect to be symptom free within 4 months. Hmmmmm.

Needless to say, I remain incredibly skeptical of this treatment. There are some things about Dr. Tony’s treatment that I just find very very hard to believe… like that my body can specify the exact dose of all supplements I need (including those with a dozen or more ingredients), or that he can measure down to the exact percentage point how well my organs are working. MAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE??

But there’s no doubt I’ve improved. 6 months into treatment – which CONTINUES TO INCLUDE ANTIBIOTICS – I am functioning at about 75-80% these days. This is a HUGE improvement from October when I first saw Dr. Tony. Since I am doing two modalities of treatment simultaneously, it’s truly impossible to know what impact LymeStop is having on my recovery. And I know that’s frustrating for folks wanting a testimonial. I am often asked, incredulously, “But how can you tell what worked??” I can’t!! And I don’t care! I am not a science experiment and I don’t owe anyone statistically significant results. I’m just a lady desperate for wellness who went for everything that might help. And something is. I don’t care which!

And that’s my answers on LymeStop: It might have helped! It’s possible. I did see an amazing turnaround in my health beginning in October and November, just after my treatment there. Of course, that’s also the same time I started Doxycycline, Cefdinir and Bactrim… a combination of antibiotics that I remain on today and that seems to do very well for me. **Shrug** I am still herxing when I make treatment changes, and I still experience symptoms of Lyme every day… so I can tell you that I certainly don’t FEEL cured.

In any case, the important news is this: Healing is happening in me. So I know it is possible. I owe a 6-month treatment update blog here soon and hope to share even more info about the great success I’ve had.

In the meantime, here’s some beautifully snowy pictures of beautiful Coeur d’alene Idaho.



One thought on “Trying an alternative treatment: LymeStop re-check update

  1. Great news! Yes, I work with a biomagnetic pair therapist, and it has helped for sure! I like that I have been able to continue with essential oils and herbs while doing it. I am pretty sure we’re in remission in my house, but we are keeping up with treatment until February, as that will be 4 full months of being symptom free. Then we’ll start dosing down slowly.

    I feel like we have both been on an amazing journey with healing this year. So glad to read that you’re so much better, too!


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