Going full hippie

Something interesting is unfolding in front of me on the Lyme journey. When I was first diagnosed, I applied my usual mindset of “meet it, battle, conquer it, move on”. And I’m staring to think that a) isn’t going to work here, and b) isn’t actually a good way to go about most things really. 

I might be turning full hippie here, but facts and resources and my own intuition are revealing a different reality to me lately. One where harmony and balance are paramount. I’m starting to believe MOST people are chronically infected with one thing or another. And that it is manifesting negatively primarily only in those of us with physical, emotional and energy imbalance. 

I don’t think antibiotics and immune boosting is enough to get well and keep you well. I think that’s a majorly important pillar, especially in someone like me whose infectious load has become overwhelming. 

But, additionally, I’m starting to realize my emotional self, my energy, my perspective, my bodymind as a whole needs to come into peace so it can heal. And, importantly, that I learn to keep it in a place of homeostasis where I’m not weak to invasion whether it be infectious, emotional or otherwise. I’m starting to believe that THAT’s the true vulnerability to address, that lack of balance, and that my primary infection is really a symptom of that problem. 

I don’t know where this will take me, and frankly I’m surprised to even be writing words like this, but something is happening here. And I think it’s important I honor it. 

Some of the things that are on my list of potential pursuits in this area include:

  • Expression of repressed and previously unrecognized emotions
  • Schema therapy to help interrupt toxic thoughts and behavior patterns (for me this is self sacrifice, “people pleasing”)
  • Meditation practice
  • Yoga
  • Qigong energy healing

Meditation is not new to me, but I’d really like to deepen my practice and bring a more exploratory and healing aspect to it. Yoga and qigong would be totally new to me, so send tips if you’ve got them! Also, if there are other modalities, books or viewpoints that have helped enrich this part of your life or healing journey, I’d love to hear!

Why do I feel like ending this post with namaste?? Who am I?!


2 thoughts on “Going full hippie

  1. Hi Karla,

    Don’t forget to bring joy into your life! I do hip hop dance w a fantastic instructor named Lasara at Community Fitness in Ravenna. Her class is a blast. Lots of young women your age who have become followers of this particular instructor as she’s so inclusive and FUN. Ying and yang…she also teaches yoga with a positive versus aggressive approach.

    Keep following your path…it’s crucial to opening up self discovery and new found potential but then finding a way to help others which is what you’re doing through your blog.


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  2. Haha! Yep. Welcome to full hippiedom. I think you are right on. Something I have found incredibly healing for me (in addition to yoga and meditation) is somatic psychotherapy. It’s amazing. I’m sure there are awesome practitioners in Seattle. I see Scot Nichols here in Bellingham. Namaste! 😉

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