Doxy burn… more like rash!

One of the areas I’ve been truly the very luckiest is my skin. I have AWESOME skin. It’s soft, smooth and blemish free. Heck, my first brush with acne was when Lyme disrupted my hormones a year ago (at age 31). And much to the dismay of my girlfriends  looking for tips, it’s all luck. I don’t do anything to earn it at all.

So when the skin on my face got suddenly bumpy last week, I noticed. Then, when I tried to put lotion on it and it burned, I noted it. Finally – after a brief trip outdoors on an overcast day – it erupted into a full on rash.

The location of the impacted skin was highly suspect. Only my face, neck and hands seemed to be showing signs. And it had been less gloomy than usual in Seattle lately. And since the dogged days of summer have passed, I had let my guard down more than I should have. You see, one of the drugs I’m on (and one of the ones most commonly used to treat Lyme disease), doxycycline, can cause major photo sensitivity.

This was even different from when I’d reacted to sun at lower doxy dosages. I’d never had any physical effects, only a little pain that passed in a few hours. And the pain was always in areas I’d had directly kissed by sun- mostly my nose, cheeks and lips. Who gets a rash on their lower jawline?! This was new.

It also didn’t look like the doxy burns I was used to seeing on others. It wasn’t overly red, it didn’t tingle or really burn too much. It itched a little, and my face felt puffy and gross with inflammation.

But the clouds are back, I’ve resumed use of my “sunbrella” and already the swelling is down and bumps are fading. I’ll have to remember to be even more careful now that I’m on 400mg/day of doxycycline. Apparently this pale gal can’t let her guard down even on cloud covered days. NOTED.

With all the success I’m enjoying on Doxy, this is more than worth it. Besides, gloomy fall days were always my favorite anyway.


4 thoughts on “Doxy burn… more like rash!

    • I’ve worked up over about 3 months. I started at 100 2x a day for a month. Then 150 2x a day for a month. Now 200x a day. I probably could have gone a bit faster, maybe every 2-3 weeks. But I was making other med changes too.

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