Lyme Carditis: All Clear!

I reported in an earlier post that I was having my heart symptoms checked out by a local Lyme-literate cardiologist. Good news: I’m all clear of any actual heart damage!


It’s kind of crazy to consider, really. Heart pain, heart palpitations, extra and skipped beats, black out eyes whenever I stand up… and it’s all my heart’s reaction to Lyme disease rather than damage from Lyme disease directly. My poor body is under such stress with these bugs. But I am so heartened (har!) to know that my actual ticker is not yet injured by the bugs.

For anyone suffering in the Pacific Northwest who wants a close look at their heart, I highly recommend Dr. Peter Casterella. The head cardiologist at Swedish, he is Lyme-literate but not a Lyme doctor (which is why I can share his name – he lives with no fear of persecution). He’s well educated about the impacts Lyme can have on the heart and, as a standard medical doctor, can take insurance for all your heart-checking needs.

Now, time to enjoy this healthy ticker of mine without worry. Onward!


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