More Symptomatic Days

success graphIt seems that every time I post something positive about my recovery on broad social media, I am immediately hit with hard days. Is this some kind of karmic balance here or what?

After a week on treatment for it, my Bartonella co-infection is really flaring (or herxing, probably). Yesterday, it felt like my right foot was in water all day. I kept touching my toes to see if I’d spilled something or if I was wet with sweat, but they were bone dry. Today it’s the opposite, my feet, hands and face all feel like they’re on fire. My skin is hot and almost has a tingling sensation. My feet have it the worst, and it feels like if I took off my shoes I’d see swollen, red, inflamed appendages. But they’re not, they look totally normal and are body temp to the touch. What a strange infection Bartonella is. It’s also nearly 2pm and I haven’t eaten yet today; for anyone who knows me as my usual oft-hangry girl, this is bizarre indeed. But appetite suppression is a known symptom of Bart.

I also am really struggling with energy and mental stamina today. I’m not sure whether this is Lyme itself, or perhaps the result of some medication trouble I had earlier this week. My Lyme doc had found my pregnenolone levels were low, so I started supplementation. Pregnenolone is a pre-hormone steroid that your body converts into all necessary hormones including DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. Those have all been low in me for years, so this was a fascinating idea to me. We started at a low daily dose of 10mg and at first it felt great. I had more energy and mental clarity. But before long, I also had a period I wasn’t due for (sorry – TMI), I was hyperactive, overstimulated and euphoric in an unsettling way, I couldn’t sleep at all and I had terrible aching heart pain. On day 7, with my doctor’s permission, I quit the supplements. I’ll keep my menopausal hormone levels for now, thank you very much, and hope they rebound on their own naturally as I recover from Lyme.

And, as there’s been no change, I am continuing to have major difficulty with my eyesight. I can’t read text at all out of my left eye and my right eye is also very blurry. On good days I can make out street signs from a distance of about 15 feet, but they’re blurry. On bad days, I can’t read them at all. This has been the case since I started Minocycline 5 1/2 weeks ago, and has not yet shown any signs of improvement.

In any case, it’s one step forward two steps back with this disease. I can still bend over without using my hands to get back up!! I know I’m making progress! It’s just not a linear recovery, and it’s important for me to remember that. And, of course, to keep the Netflix queue full, and the couch comfortable. Much rest lies ahead.



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