Lyme Symptoms: Checking Off The List

I’ve been super excited to see which of my Lyme symptoms would be first to fade on treatment, and just over 2 weeks in I think we have a winner. 

Every single morning for well over a year, I’ve woken up with a bloody nose. Gushing red blood every morning. I’ve been reporting this to doctors all along but no one ever seemed concerned (seriously what the heck?).  It’s become normal to me, so when the blood gates dried up, I noticed!! I’ve been reaching for that morning Kleenex for a week now and no blood at all. 

It’s double interesting because one of my most consistent herxing symptoms has been that within an hour of popping my Lyme meds, my right sinus passage goes all cold and tingly. Every time. This is the same side that always bleeds, the same side that I lost hearing on back in October, the same side that has all the swollen lymph nodes. Clearly Lyme bugs had set up shop in my sinus andeustachian tubes and they’re getting booted. Shit is HAPPENING ya’ll. 

Only 65 or 70 symptoms yet to go. Hehe. 


One thought on “Lyme Symptoms: Checking Off The List

  1. Oh, that is awesome! If you have some Frankincense essential oil, that helps with inflammation BIG TIME, so if you are having issues with swelling, etc., put a drop on your skin in those areas and it should help. I take it internally every day now, it helps so much with all the head and sinus pressure.


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