Ramping onto Treatment: Phase 2

Well, after the scary Herx experience I had last week, the doc and I dialed back my dosage of my most potent medication. And while I am definitely still herxing, it’s far more mangable now. I have eyes that are blurrier, muscles that are more sore than usual and more fatigue than usual, but I’m managing to work and stay active, so it’s time to add more. 

In fact, I’m adding 3 new medications tonight! That’ll take the grand total up to 4 Lyme-fighting meds. The rest are supportive care and symptom management meds, mostly probiotics and mega dose vitamins. 

2 of the Lyme fighters I’m using are aimed at Lyme in its spirochete form, 2 are aimed at Lyme in its cyst form. You see, Lyme bacteria are tricky buggers who change shape all the time so you have to mix up different cocktails that change over time to get em. 

I am expecting some more herxing as more bacteria die off should start happening with these additions. Wish me luck. If I can tolerate this load of meds, this will be my regimen for the rest of the month. Crossing all fingers. 


5 thoughts on “Ramping onto Treatment: Phase 2

  1. We have a joke in our house when we are all standing at the counter taking our meds (which is 4X a day)… we whisper “taste the rainbow” like the Skittles motto. You have to try to laugh when you are taking 52 pills a day.


    • Haha!! Right?? I’m taking 5 times a day. I need to count, I haven’t yet. But I’m getting awesome at swallowing pills!! 😁


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