Die Spirochetes, Die!

IMG_1132Well, the day is here! It’s time to start treatment. SQUEEE! To say I am filled with mixed emotions doesn’t even begin to cover it. The truth is, I’m filled with all the emotions.

I am, of course, excited by the prospect of potentially getting better. The news that this is Lyme disease, that this can be treated and that indeed treatment is now here at my finger tips is a life changing development. My symptoms change every day, but at this point there’s a long list of them that gets me down. To think that some of those things could start to ease… that I could see clearly enough to read street signs or recognize faces, that I could enjoy a silent meditation without this constant ringing in my ears, that I could bend over to clip on my dog’s leash without having to use a banister to lift myself upright again, to think that perhaps I could walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded… these prospects are almost too wonderful for me to even dream of. If this is a step toward that life, it’s worth every ounce of effort.

Of course, I’m downright terrified of the number of pills I’m about to introduce to my system. I’m very worried I’ll temporarily get worse (a common experience that results from bacteria die off). I’m scared this won’t work at all, and that my hope will be crushed. I’m even still slightly skeptical of this whole darn Lyme world that I’m only just now learnings about. It’s a lot. I’m definitely in “put one foot in front of the other” mode. And this is an important step.

For treatment, I’ve opted for a “traditional” path (if there even is such a thing) that includes:

  1. “Chemotherapy level” antibiotics to kill Lyme bacteria; the exact mixture will change and rotate over time to prevent the bacteria adapting to it
  2. Probiotics to support my gut so I can withstand the treatment and nutritional supplements to support my immune system
  3. An alkaline, low-glycemic diet (so many greens!) to slow down the bacteria’s replication
  4. Detox detox detox to move the dead / dying bacteria out of my system as fast as possible

Day to day, this means a lot of pills, a lot of slightly less than appetizing meals, drinking my body weight in water, maintaining a strict routine around daily detox baths and getting lots of good rest. In short, just taking really really good care of myself.

06.30.15 Lyme Treatment Starts

It all starts tonight. The pills are sorted, the fridge is stocked with greens, the bath goodies are waiting and my boyfriend has kindly volunteered to be on hand should I need help weathering any herx reactions. Ready or not, it’s time.

Let’s kill some spirochetes!!


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